More leaks, only Buddha wisdom wisdom, wisdom, all empty boundaries are big round bright mirror. Everything in the mirror is like that. The samsara of life and death of three boundaries and five interests is clear. There are indeed two times and six links in this matter, all of which can be seen. However, the principle of this fact can not be explained by himself.


 Therefore, although Arohan and Pizhi Buddha can be seen in fact, it is difficult to know why the human world can actually see the world of life. So the universe is a mystery and life is a mystery. Mahayana Buddhist wisdom can be seen not only in the fact of the circulation of various interests, but also in a thorough explanation of its principles. That is to say, in the analysis of the mind mentioned above, distraction is a constant action and a constant action, all of which have their corresponding mind. In Heng Xing, there is Alayer's knowledge, which is the continuous change of fashion from beginning to end; in his Alayer's knowledge, there are all kinds of fabrications, which hide their seeds: one kind of industry, two kinds of methods. Those who have special power in the legal category, such as those who are outstanding among the people of the country, can command many people to do their business. 

The same is true for different trades, which can synthesize different trades and newspapers from the current ones, but it will not be long. Therefore, when its potential is exhausted, it is to destroy death, and other industries are born again. Life and death, circulating, and being born as a different newspaper into its norms. This is the same as the evolution of the dynasty. The decline of the former dynasty will lead to great disorder in the country; those who are more powerful will not build a new dynasty, and the people and the land will be rebuilt as before. This kind of industry, like the emperor's place of recklessness, can turn this country into its rate. From this we can get a life of one period. This method of life and death without beginning and succession is described in detail in the sense of unity of multiplication, which is called the cause and effect of different familiarity. All of these are facts first, and then interpreters.

 Before we can see this fact, we must first believe that there is a meditation divinity that can know it. This meditation is supernatural, though not visible in detail, but visible in coarseness. Such as hypnosis, that is to say, in a way to make people settle their consciousness; also, it can be said that their hypnotic kungfu is skilled, that is, they have to meditate. There are inherent doubts before they are acquired, and facts can be proved when they are acquired. If Wu Tingfang has a little self-cultivation, he can expect to do anything in his dream, or see anyone, and then he can do it.

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