The NBA regular season continued on November 26, Beijing time. The Lakers faced the challenge of Orlando Magic at Staples Center. The team was 104-108 in the end. The difference between the top and bottom half of the penalty area has become one of the most important factors for the Lakers to lose today.

In the first half, the Lakers had a very effective impact on Magic's penalty area, especially when Kuzma scored 10 points in the penalty area at the beginning of the first quarter, which was completely unmanned. At the end of the half-game, the Lakers scored 52 points, 38 in the penalty area, and the remaining eight points came from the free throw line, except for Kuzma and James.

It can be said that in the first half the Lakers had shut themselves up by hitting Magic's inside line. Their star Gordon was affected by fouls, and the first power forward Evando was abandoned directly. On the contrary, Magic scored only 18 points in the first half, and the Lakers won a full 20 points, which is absolutely a pleasure for the Lakers.

Who knows the sudden change in the second half, the big killer Vuchevich began to take off, the lad Augustine began to score frequently under the basket, and the Lakers seem to be unable to find the rhythm of the first half, Bauer Kuzma frequently hit the Magic penalty area in the first half, McKee is also easy to eat cake. In the second half, Bauer did not hit the basket once, Kuzma also reduced the frequency of killing to the basket, so the Lakers finally lost the game to Magic with 52-56 points in the penalty area.

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