Nirvana is a kind of Sanskrit that means the extinction of righteousness in the Four Essences. It has two broad and narrow meanings: narrow meaning means selective extinction; broad sense means complete silence. He who chooses to destroy is also destroyed by choosing all troubles with holy wisdom. The source of holy wisdom is based on the inherent wisdom of all living beings and Buddhist teachings. From this, the choice of holy wisdom is made, and the troubled students are cut off. Therefore, it is called the choice of extinction. Choosing extinction is free from circulation, and always living in silence, so it is called Nirvana silence.


The broad sense of Nirvana is divided into four parts: first, those who have acquired Arahan are also destroyed by their previous troubles, and those who do not follow their careers are no more Nirvana; second, although they have chosen to eliminate their troubles, they can not afford to work, and those who still have their previous careers are called Yunirvana. But to choose and destroy the troubles and obstacles caused by my persistence, and to remove the life and death, that is to say, there is more Nirvana and more Nirvana righteousness. If you can choose to extinguish this troubled karma, you must always be quiet and unchanged. The so-called "immortality, immortality, immortality". This meaning of Nirvana is the common meaning of "three times". To the Mahayana Nirvana, that is, perfect silence, if not perfect, you will ask for it. To ask for nothing is actually perfect, it is Mahayana Nirvana meaning. There are two kinds of Nirvana meaning. First, the self-nature is silent, that is, the emptiness of the various laws after all. The law originated from reason is empty after all. This emptiness is called nirvana of self-nature because it is completely and often silent. Every living Buddha is equal in all respects. Secondly, Buddha fruit does not live in Nirvana. It is full of happiness and wisdom, and has no desire. Great sorrow often complements each other. It does not live in the world with great sorrow, nor does it live out of the world with great sorrow. There is no such thing as Great Nirvana, but Buddha.

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