The last four points are that the law of birth of the Ming Dynasty is based on the origin of fate, and here the first and the most difficult ones are the circulation of industry and industry interest. From the good to the bad, there is a leak, get three boundaries and five interesting life and death cycle. To extricate this reincarnation of life and death, we must first understand the meaning of reincarnation. Transmigration is circulation. Every theory has its facts first and then its statements; otherwise, if the arguments are not true, how can we get credit? There are only two kinds of people and animals that we can see. People and animals are all born according to their parents. There is no such thing as animals being transferred from one person to another or from one person to another. And what we see is only two interesting points, but the rest three are missing. Although the theory is admissible and the facts are not easy to see, the following is the explanation.


Buddhism is called holy religion, which has become the Buddha of Sacred Wisdom and the teachings of Arahan. His sage, wisdom, wisdom and insight are different from those of other people. However, people can also cultivate, so they are still equal, different from the so-called gods and other people in other religions. Therefore, those who can know the five interesting things that flow with their careers have six links in Sacred Wisdom. The first is to have a clear eye. This is all in Buddhist law, and it can also be found in other religions. That is to say, hypnosis has fluoroscopy nowadays, which is also one of the most common methods of hypnosis. Or they can be far-sighted, or they can be blind to the outside world, so we can only see people and animals because we have different karma reports, that is, there are barriers. If you have a good eye, you can see three interesting things. There are still people who can see the future, that is, the result of starting a business, when it has already started and the report has not been completed, although the result has not been achieved, the cause of the business can also be seen. This function is in the eye of heaven. There are still ears, hearts, bodies and fates that can tell the fate of oneself or others. There is no need to be a holy beginning to have such a link between heaven's eyes and fate. It is often found in the minds of meditators, otherwise it is not thorough. If there is a prophet, or from the heart of the accidental sense, but also occasionally. However, it is not entirely true that they have been separately deduced from each other. It can also be tested in hypnosis.

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