Alibaba announced that it has completed IPv6 ecological construction by 2020


At today's Alibaba IPv6 conference, CTO of Alibaba Group and Zhang Jianfeng, president of Aliyun Intelligence, said that in the next 1-2 years, Alibaba Ecology will fully support IPv6 and strive to complete the ecological construction of Alibaba IPv6 by 2020. In the next 3-5 years, customers, suppliers and partners will fully support IPv6.

In addition, Alibaba announces that it has fully implemented IPv6. Taobao, Tianmao, Youku and Golden Map, which have more than 100 million users, have become the first domestic app for IPv6 technology.

Alibaba's All-round Transition to IPv6 Begins

According to the latest population statistics released by the United Nations, the world's total population has reached about 7.5 billion, but the fourth edition of Internet Connection Protocol (IPv4) can provide only 4.3 billion effective IP addresses. When IPv4 address resources are gradually exhausted, the upgrading of the next generation Internet connection protocol has become a top priority.

"IPv6 opens up a new innovation space for the development of Internet in China." Wu He Quan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that China had little opportunity in IPv4 standards, but in the era of IPv6, China led the drafting of nearly 100 standards related to IPv4 standards. He believes that IPv6 is the only way for the development of cyberspace, and the time is ripe for China to develop IPv6.

The deployment of IPv6 requires the coordination of multiple roles such as device manufacturers, operators and application providers. Alibaba has taken the lead in the development and application of IPv6 technology since 2017. With the help and support of operators, Alibaba has formed a set of technical deployment and optimization schemes to support IPv6. By December 2018, it has provided IPv6 services to over 20 million users, becoming the first technology company in China to implement IPv6 ultra-large-scale applications.

Liu Yulin, deputy director of the Information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out: "IPv6 is the inevitable trend of Internet evolution. Alibaba takes the lead in promoting industry demonstration significance and ecological driving role. I hope Alibaba can guide more users and traffic to migrate to IPv6 and make more progress for the scale deployment of IPv6 in China. Great contribution. "

This year, Tianmao Shuang11, Alibaba's overall transformation to IPv6 began. Tens of millions of Taobao APP users participated through IPv6 network, and the user experience achieved seamless switching. This is also the first large-scale application of IPv6 technology in China. This application not only realizes the whole line of end-pipe-cloud-application, but also accumulates valuable practical experience for the large-scale migration of Chinese Internet to IPv6.

Ali IPv6 ecological construction completed in 2020

With the rise of the digital economy, the physical world will be digitalized further, and the number of intelligent terminals such as urban brain, smart home and automatic driving vehicle will increase rapidly. This requires IPv6 to give "every grain of sand in the world" a website, so that every fire hydrant and street lamp can become a smart terminal.

Zhang Jianfeng said that the large-scale application of IPv6 can not only solve the problem of the shortage of network address resources, but also break the barriers of multiple intelligent devices connecting to the Internet, which is conducive to further promoting the development of the digital economy.

"Alibaba's vision is to make technology an inclusive infrastructure that can be shared by the whole society, thereby reducing the cost of innovation for the whole society. We hope that through Aliyun to share the dividends of technological development with customers and partners, to jointly build China's IPv6 ecosystem, and to promote China's Internet to accelerate towards the next generation of the Internet. Zhang Jianfeng said.

"The 5G era is the best window period for IPv6, and IPv6 will enter a concentrated explosion period in the next 12 months." Jiang Jiangwei, general manager of Aliyun Intelligent Research and Development, revealed that "now 100% of Aliyun's core products are IPv6. The core products include SLB, DNS, CDN, DDoS, API gateway, live video, object storage OSS, etc."

Zhang Jianfeng pointed out that in the next 1-2 years, Ali Ecology will fully support IPv6, strive to complete the ecological construction of Ali IPv6 by 2020, and in the next 3-5 years, drive customers, suppliers and partners to fully support IPv6.

As the first domestic cloud manufacturer to fully support IPv6, Aliyun has launched a full stack of IPv6 technology solutions, and has completed the export landing for more than 200 industry scenarios such as industry, finance, energy, media, vehicle networking, etc. Since June 2018, the IPv6 query volume of DNS in Aliyun has shown an explosive trend, increasing by 600 times over the same period of last year.



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