About a decade ago, the e-commerce field generally believed that the comprehensive e-commerce circle was over, and the vertical field was a big cake. As a result, various vertical e-commerce emerged one after another, like bamboo shoots springing up overnight:

McColin, with the title of "China's first share of B2C", has attracted much attention since its inception from Vancouver, the first vertical cosmetics e-commerce merchandise merchandise merchandise merchandise merchandise merchandise in China, as well as red children, merchandise merchandise merchandise merchandise, first time, cool sports.

However, in the past ten years, vertical e-commerce has been almost destroyed.

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For example, Jumei Goods, once a hot player in cosmetics, is no longer as brilliant as it once was after several fake storms; for example, when it was once called "China Amazon", it eventually sells itself to others.

There is only one nail household.

In the past ten years, we have not only resisted the threefold and fourfold shocks of all kinds of integrated e-commerce, but also found a set of tough fighting methods of our own.

Yesterday, the first quarter of 2019 earnings report of 11-year-old franchise e-commerce Commodities Fair was announced: net revenue totaled 21.3 billion yuan, up 7.3% year-on-year, active users increased 14% year-on-year, creating a profit record of 26 consecutive quarters!

This battle is not easy, we should know that compared with other integrated e-commerce, focusing on a sub-category of goods will not have advantages in product categories.

What tactics have been used to activate the vitality of e-commerce retailing at the age of 11?

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