Recently, the General Office of the Guangdong Provincial Committee and the General Office of the Guangdong Provincial Government issued the Implementing Plan for Improving the Consumption System and Mechanism of Guangdong Province (hereinafter referred to as the Implementing Plan). In view of the prominent problems that restrict consumption at present, nine specific measures are put forward in 29 aspects to stabilize and improve consumption expectations, create a good consumption environment and promote the formation of a strong and unified market.

Used Vehicles for Pearl River Delta Interchange

The Five Standards of Enforceable Countries in the Transition Period

The implementation plan proposes to promote the optimization and upgrading of automobile consumption, focus on promoting the application of new energy vehicles, speed up the construction of charging infrastructure, and make clear requirements for the construction of Provincial Expressway Service areas, new urban public parking lots, communities and other charging facilities. Optimizing the automobile consumption environment, gradually relaxing the automobile roll and bidding indicators in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, expanding the scale of pre-purchase, other municipalities shall no longer issue automobile purchase restrictions; strengthening the supervision of automobile sales, maintenance and spare parts industry, and generally establishing the publicity system of automobile sales fees. Improve the second-hand car consumer market, simplify the second-hand car trading procedures, the exchange can directly handle the transfer registration procedures, promote the electronic transfer of the provincial motor vehicle transfer archives; in the Pearl River Delta region, the emission limits of in-use vehicles can be implemented in a certain transitional period of the Fifth National Standard.

The Implementation Plan clearly states that in order to stabilize housing consumption, under the premise of adhering to the principle that "houses are used for living, not for speculation", we should implement the "one city, one city, one city" policy and improve the current policy by combining the market and the inventory situation of commercial housing. We will focus on expanding the supply of rental housing, deepening the pilot project of building rental housing with collective construction land, encouraging the revitalization of urban land stock, increasing the effective supply of rental housing land in various ways, and expanding the coverage of permanent residents of public rental housing and housing provident fund system.

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Improving rural infrastructure

Improving the Quality of Consumer Goods of Rural Residents

The Implementation Plan calls for promoting the upgrading of rural consumption, focusing on solving the bottlenecks of imperfect infrastructure and inadequate supply of high-quality goods and services that restrict rural consumption, accelerating the upgrading of rural highways, accelerating the hardening and broadening of road pavement leading to natural villages, improving rural network, communications, hydropower, logistics and other infrastructure; ” Tourism brand; improve the quality of rural residents'consumer goods, stimulate rural consumption potential.

"Implementation Plan" proposed that we should vigorously encourage consumption of new business models, accelerate the development of 5G-based smart terminal products and 4K/8K smart TV and other new information consumer goods; support the development of new business forms such as e-commerce retail and cross-border e-commerce, such as scenario-based experience stores, and adopt the "applicant commitment system" for newly opened direct-operated stores such as chain-operated convenience stores and meat shops with existing business licenses; Broad green consumption, improve the recycling system of renewable resources in residential communities, build an international consumption Bay area, and promote the integration of consumption in Dawan area.

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